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In a proactive measure as we head into our winter months, we would like to inform you of the schools inclement weather closure policy. In the event that a severe storm were to hit our area the Rocky Mountain Education Center will follow the policies set forth by Red Rocks Community College:

Red Rocks Community College is exempt from the State Inclement Weather Policy and may remain open while other state government offices close. If the campus is closed for an entire day, every effort will be made to have a decision by 6:00 a.m. If the campus is to close for the evening, every effort will be made to have a decision by 4:00 p.m.

You can learn when bad weather or emergency conditions require that either of the Red Rocks campuses are closed via local news media, or by calling the campus closure line at303.914.6600.

We rarely cancel classes due to weather issues, however we do believe in proper prior planning. If the weather is questionable what should you do to check if the college is open? Any of the following are ways to check on the college being open:

1) Call our main number at 303-914-6420 or 800-933-8394 as soon as we find out the college is closing we will change our voice message to reflect that we are closed. Do not call an individual staff members phone numbers as they will not change their voice message – only contact the two numbers listed above.

2) The college contacts local media to inform them a school closure & it will appear under the closure list as Red Rocks Community College as being closed. You can also check any of the local media websites at:

9 News          7 News         4 News     31 News

3) You can also go to the college website at:

We are always hopeful that we will not have to close due to weather, however if the college is closed on the first day of your class we will hope to be open on the following day and will start your class on that day and discussions will occur in your class regarding the schedule for the rest of the week. Please keep in mind that classes must complete the full time requirements.  As a reminder in your confirmation letter we do address inclement weather, please find following regarding the RMEC policy for weather closures:

The safety and health of our students is very important to us, and in our region we mayhave occasional inclement weather which may causecourses to be postponed or rescheduled. The Rocky Mountain Education Center reserves the right to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather. In the event of a weather closure you can call our office and the voice message will indicate if we are closed or local news channels will indicate that Red Rocks Community College is closed. In these rare cases please note the Rocky Mountain Education Center is not responsible for travel expenses incurred by the participant in the event of cancellation or postponement due to weather or unforeseen conditions.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please don’t hesitate to contact our office either via email: or phone 303-914-6420 or 800-933-8394. Thank-you and safe travels to each of you.