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Energy Efficiency

Setpoint  Maintenance Courses

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Delta I

RMEC 650

Introductory course to the easy-to-use Delta Controls native BACnet DDC control system. Learn about the complete Delta Controls product line and how these products and software are used in new and retrofit applications. 

NO Prerequisite.  


Delta II

RMEC 651

Learn how to engineer, program, and commission an operational database of one stand-alone Delta Controls native BACnet controller. Get an introduction to General Control Language (GCL+) by programming and commissioning an air-handling unit complete with temperature sensors, fan start/stop/status points, heating and chilled water valves, control dampers… and more. Learn tricks on how to drill down on data, display multiple systems and information, and command objects without leaving your navigator screen. 

Prerequisite: Delta I.  


Delta III

RMEC 652

This course entails advanced programming techniques and focuses on high-speed networking. Students create, share, and program a database of information over our high-speed Ethernet network. Learn Delta Controls Derived Network Architecture (DNA) and how to create Event Routers, Event Logs, and Event Classes.Create a database for a networked controller by following predefined processes of design, installation, database creation, checkout, start up, programming, and commissioning.  

Prerequisite:  Delta I and Delta II.     


Delta IV

RMEC 653

An advanced class for the operator who wants to be challenged and to improve operator skills and system performance. It covers the high-speed area controllers, stand-alone native BACnet system controllers, application-specific subnet controllers and Linknet controllers. Learn installation methods and standards, checkout and commissioning standards, and programming of GCL+.   

Prerquisite:  Delta I, II, III, and one year’s experience working with the Delta Controls product line.



RMEC 654

Hands-on class designed to help the operator understand how Delta Controls enteliWEB software works behind the scenes. Learn how enteliWEB brings all your buildings, systems, and energy analysis under one facility management system

Prerequisite: Delta Controls experience.