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Business and Workforce

Customized business and industrial solutions will help your business increase employee performance and productivity, create positive change and reduce costs. Our highly qualified staff can help your company decide what types of training programs are best for you.


RMEC 504 Social Media - Creating your Organization's Competitive Edge

May 8th and 10th 6:00pm-9:00pm 

RMEC 505 I Front Line Leadership Moving into Supervision and Management 

May 7th and May 8th 6:00pm-9:00pm

The Changing Role of the Leader 

Performance Management - Employee Coaching and Mentoring

RMEC 505 II Front Line Leadership Moving Into Supervision and Management

Section 002:  May 14 and May 16th 6:00pm-9:00pm

Team Implementer and Dealing with Conflict

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Quality in a Multi-Generational & Multi-Cultural Environment

Popular Topics

A-Game Training

RMEC has certified trainers for the A-Game; a 16 hours participatory course in essential business skills for entry level employees.  Topics include attendance, appearance, attitude and more.

Field Leadership for Technicians (Construction, General Industry, Oil and Gas) 

Industry - 16 hour Program

Field leaders may rise from the ranks as strong technicians; however, the skills required as a technician are different from those of a strong leader.  As the location PIC (person in charge), responsibilities have shifted from getting the job done to effectively guiding others in completing the job -- frequently several jobs at ONCE.  The field leader must use advanced interpersonal and organizational skills to continually strike the balance between production and worker health and safety outcomes.   Visit the Oil and Gas Field Leadership page by clicking here to learn more about the program.  RMEC will customize the program to your technical workforce. 

Front Line Supervisor – Field Leadership

Business – 24 hour Program

The Changing Role of the Leader

Module Outcome – The Participant will review the course objectives and expectations and will begin to analyze leadership development within the organization.

People Developer

Module Outcome - The Participant will be introduced to the five leadership roles and how they relate to a successfull leader.  The process of leadership development through the engagement between employee and supervisor is examined. 

Team Implementer and Dealing with Conflict

Module Outcome – The Participant will explain how to use the Tuckman model in the development and effective management of team outcomes. The participant will demonstrate skills associated with diffusing conflict that can occur among team members and or work colleagues.

Performance Management: Employee Coaching and Mentoring

Module Outcome – Participants will explain the differences between coaching and mentoring. Participants demonstrate the methods presented in class associated with effective coaching and mentoring. 

Change Initiator: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Quality

Module Outcome – The Participant will explain the components of effective change to achieve quality improvement that includes the use of Beckhart’s Formula for Change.

Performance Breakthrough Leader

Module Outcome – The Participant will become proficient in developing and implementing quantum leap strategies to sustain the Culture of Quality.

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